Tuesday, 23 February 2010

[Event Listing] - Wee Bit Mean 6 - 2 Part Sheffield Dubstep spectacular

'Wee Bit Mean' has been running in Sheffield for over a year and has played host to some real deep and experimental dubstep artists. As MC host for Wee Bit Mean I've had the pleasure of working with Headhunter, Starkey & Syncro, Pangea, Luke Envoy, Sukh Knight, Marcus Intalex and a number of local artists including Montrave, Kidnap, Commodo, Jack Opus, Rogue State and Vandal.

The vibe at Wee Bit Mean is always very energetic with a good mix of lads and lasses but the music tends  to steer away from jump up and crowd pleasing stuff. It's a great combination, I'm still get the tingling feeling when a big crowd of ravers is mesmerised and immersed by a really, really deep drop. Reminds me of the early days back at Exodus, like the first time I saw Distance and he played the Vex'd version of 'Fallen', very meditative. 

Here's the full press release from Wee Bit Mean:

Jeez Guys n Gals, it’s been a while. We have a two part special, two WBM's in the space of 7 days. Deliberations as to whether it was too much for us went on late into the night but here we are. Sticking to the same format for both nights we're going to hold both of the Thursday night showcases at everyone’s favorite joint, DQ.

Across both shows we have booked artists that we tip for 2010.

For Pt 1 we have;

Darkstar (Hyperdub)
With an upcoming album on the same label that brought you Burial, these guys have got the attention of music lovers across the genres right now. Darkstar really represent some of Britain’s finest current musical prospects. After releases such as 'need you' were placed inside Pitchforks top 500 tracks of the last decade and Fact Mag rated the amazing 'aidy's girl is a computer' 6th best track of last year, as well as counting their upcoming album as one of the top ten to watch for 2010, these guys are clearly on it. Not to be missed.
(Anyway, anything on Hyperdub is reliably quality, we should all trust in an old Scotsman’s taste.)

Hyetal (Punch Drunk)
This Bristolian earned his stripes in 2009, his versatile production style won him great acclaim from tastemakers like Mary Ann Hobbs. Tracks like 'we should start a fire' and his 'don't sleep/ice cream' collaboration with WBM favorite 'Shortstuff' were slammed on dance floors across the country... Bloody class!

Rudi Zygadlo (Planet Mu)
Hailing from Glasgow and named after a pair of Russian ballet dancers, Rudi is an affiliate of the illustrious LuckyMe Crew and is set for a huge 2010. Despite limited releases, his production quality and personal style means that he won’t be able to hide from the spotlight too much longer. You'll be bragging that you saw him before he was massive.

James Montrave (WBM)
Monty reps. If you’re expecting dink from our residents, be warned. The sets are tight and the tunes are groovy.

Reuben (LSS)
Representing the LSS nationwide outfit Reuben is one of the best DJ's out there. Coming at us with a funky flavor, expect it deeper than your average (he’s been on it longer than the bandwagons been about.)

Hosted by ALEX DEADMAN, R8 Records boss, surely you all know now?

So... head to DQ for 10pm, I’m sick of pushing the early thing but it’s important. The drinks are always dirt cheap midweek, come on.
£5adv, £6otd before 12. Tickets for both parts can be bought together for £8, but there are only 150. Bargain. Tickets should be in shops by the end of the week.

For Pt 2. we're dishing out a Hemlock Recordings showcase;

Untold (Hemlock, Hessle Audio, Hotflush)
Untold is one of the most exciting DJ's on earth right now. 2009 was the year this producer broke boundaries and genre definitions beyond recognition. Taking the advice of the legendary guru Fat Joe, Untold 'switched his style up,' incorporating stabbing synths and a tropical afro-rhythm. His sound has become ominously recognizable and made him one of 2009's firm favorites. This will surely be a Sheffield debut that no one will want to miss.

James Blake (Hemlock)
James Blake has been a WBM favorite for a while now and it don’t take a genius to see why it's not just us who feel that way. With releases that were among the best of any music form, anywhere, the 'stop what your doing' refix and the 'air and lack thereof' had people shook. This guy's is tipped by all to become 'lord of the dance' and trust us were backing em. This is one fella you should definitely start following on twitter.
P.S He sings, I know what your thinking dubstep producers singing, memories of Stenchman's attempt to springs to mind? Nah, not like that it's something else. Check 'unluck'.

James Montrave (WBM)
Culprit & Scapegoat - Back to back these guys have been running riot across Sheffield's party scene. Now they’re bringing the party to you.

hosted by ALEX DEADMAN

£5adv, £6otd before 12.
If you buy both pt1 & pt2 tickets the price is £4 each for the first 150 only.

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