Friday, 26 March 2010

[Mix] Rogue State & Alex Deadman present - Snowed Under - March 2010

The first R8 mix of 2010 from Rogue State & Alex Deadman, featuring vocals from Walker Dubzee. This was conceived during the deep freeze in Sheffield. Once things started to warm up we could get the MCs out of hibernation and finish it off.  With so much going on musically it’s sometimes hard to cram everything in but that’s what we’ve tried to do. Hope you like the result.

1hr 15 mins - 27 tracks - 192 Kbps - DOWNLOAD HERE

Artist – Track – Label
1. Rogue State & Vandal AKA – Time to let go – R8 dub
2. DJ Deadbeat – 1 Finger Skank – R8 dub
3. Rogue State – Kained Sonic – R8 dub
4. Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 – Mad Decent
5. Dutty Dan – Bumbaclaart – R8 dub
6. Rogue State – Very Tribal – R8 dub
7. Rogue State – Personal – R8 dub
8. Squire of Gothos – Bounty Ice-Cream (Vandal AKA Rmx) – Off Me Nutt Records
9. Caspa & Rusko – The Terminator (Benga Rmx) – dub
10. Foreign Beggars – 7 Figure Swagger (Bar 9 Rmx) – Dented Records
11. Vandal AKA – Disappearing – R8 digi018 (unreleased)
12. Rogue State & Vandal AKA – Chant – R8 dub
13. Rogue State – No Retreat, No Surrender – R8 dub
14. Hard House Banton – Sirens – Spoilt Rotton
15. Rogue State ft. Charra Love – What Goes Around (145 Rmx) – R8 dub
16. Dutty Dan – Moving it Large – R8 dub
17. Bernie & Barker – Big Bad Bernie (DJ Deadbeat Rmx) - Planet Terror Records
18. Little Jinder – Youth Blood – Squire of Gothos Rmx – Trouble & Bass Records
19. TKR – Polar – dub
20. DJ Deadbeat – Dark Light - dub
21. Pacman (aka Kid Lib) – India Arie Rmx – dub
22. Arie – Somtime After – R8LP1
23. Rogue State – Only Sound – R8 dub
24. DJ Deadbeat – The G-Spot – dub
25. Pacman (AKA Kid Lib) & DJ Deadbeat – Dis Your Likkle Sound – dub
26. Vandal AKA (with vocals & sax from Rachel Edmonson) – Green Smoke – R8digi018
27. Arie – Seasons – R8LP1


  1. this is biiiig! reposted here

  2. hey deadmen, give us some more posts!!

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